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Custom Blister Pack & Clamshells

A custom made blister pack or clamshell blister package for your products can help separate you from your competition, while maintaining your products security & marketability. We'll help you take the confusion out of custom packaging by finding the perfect material, style option & structural design for your products and your marketing goals. We'll work together to recommend the perfect custom solution for you - whether it's a custom clamshell to boost marketing efforts, a custom blister pack to help product security, or a custom thermoformed tray to ensure shipping efficiency.


Custom Blister Packs

Cost Effective: Blister packaging is an inexpensive method of securing your product in a transparent and clear tamper proof package. A custom blister pack can help keep your product safe and secure, while allowing your product to stand out on the shelves with a custom printed blister card. 

Printed Blister CardA printed card can be attached to your blister pack with a hot or cold seal to ensure that your branding & marketing efforts are forefront in the customer's eyes when they're examining your product. This cost-effective method of creating a retail ready protective package for your products is a great combination.

Custom Blister Pack 


Custom Clamshells

Clamshell blister packaging is very similar to a blister pack, but comes with additional product security. Clamshell packaging is a very good retail option as it allows for a visible product inside a secure & protected exterior - protecting from theft and shipping damage. Clamshell blister packs are made to be durable and come with numerous shipping & display benefits!


Custom Clamshell Pack 

Benefits of working with Brown Packaging for Custom Blister Packs & Clamshell Packaging

  • Our team of graphic designers, structural designers, and experienced salespeople are imperative to the creation of a marketable, secure and economic packaging solution for your product. The creation of custom blister or clamshell packs can help any business with a more attractive, secure and cost-effective package for their products. Our years of experience will guarantee the best choice for your specific needs.
  • We will do all the legwork of analyzing, designing, and producing the perfect custom option to ensure the safety of your product at an economical price, while ensuring retail visibility!