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The Personal Care & Cosmetics Industries

The cosmetic and personal care industries are an important part of our diversified network of partners, and we are happy to have provided solutions to problematic cosmetic packaging needs for years. Our purpose is to help you achieve the goals you want out of your cosmetic, skincare, and personal care packaging – innovative, attractive, durable, protective, and economical. We have the experienced staff with knowledge in graphic and structural design to help transform your vision into reality.


Most Important Functions of Cosmetic & Personal Care Specific Packaging

Protection: Cosmetic & personal care products rely on their packaging to provide physical protection, barrier protection, and contamination protection. We realize that specific products will need different kinds & strengths of protection in their packages, and we can help you create the most cost-effective package for your specific needs.

Branding & MarketingThe way your product arrives and how it appears on the shelves is a crucial part of your marketing efforts, and we're very well aware of the ever-changing branding and marketing aspects of the cosmetic and personal care industries. We know that aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching graphic and structural designs are a requirement to be successful on the retail shelves, and we have a full in-house packaging design center to help you every step of the way.

Information & ComplianceOne area that the cosmetics section differ is in their need to comply with local & federal laws regarding their certifications, ingredient list, etc. 



Common Types of Packaging in the Cosmetic & Personal Care Industries

Our services will help deliver the perfect packaging for your product, and we offer a variety of both stock and custom packaging materials to help ensure the best cosmetic & personal care packaging options on the market:

  • Custom Packaging
  • Chipboard boxes and boards
  • Blister packaging and clamshells
  • Thermoformed trays
  • Bottles
  • Labels
  • Plastic and paper bags
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Shipping supplies such as stretch film, BOPP and paper tapes, shipping labels and ribbons


Custom Printed Cosmetic Packaging & Personal Care Packaging

The creation of custom printed floor display is one of the most cost-effective ways of adding a personalized and marketable touch onto your products. Brown Packaging can help any business offer a more attractive, secure and cost-effective package for their cosmetic products and bring unmatched marketability with economical and effective custom displays.



Benefits of working with Brown Packaging in the Cosmetic & Personal Care Industries

  • Our team of graphic designers, structural designers, and experienced salespeople are imperative to the creation of a marketable, secure and economic packaging solution for your product. The creation of custom packaging products can help any business with a more attractive, secure and cost-effective package for their products. Our years of experience will guarantee the best choice for your specific needs.
  • Many of our partners in the cosmetic industry also use our packaging solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs by implementing our sealing or automated packaging equipment and packaging methods. We have years of experience and knowledge to incorporate the newest technology into their business and improve their bottom line.
  • Custom labels together with printed bags, boxes, and tapes are imperative to pass along information to consumers and handlers on cosmetic products, and our custom packaging products can help any company improve efficiency and reduce wasted time and material.


Some of our Cosmetic & Personal Care Industry Clients