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Edge Protection Packaging

Brown Packaging has the experience and resources to create the perfect custom corner board to protect your product during transit. We understand that edge protection solutions for shipping often require a detailed analysis of requirements to create the most cost-effective and secure protection. Custom edge protection helps stabilize and contain loads, distributing the load weight evenly and ensuring a safe and secure package.

Protecting Your Products with Custom Corner Board Solutions

Brown Packaging’s experienced and skilled staff can guide you through the creation of the perfect custom corner board geared specifically towards achieving your goals in the most economic and efficient manner. No matter what specifications you require, we offer any length, width or thickness for your custom edge protection. Our corner boards are available plain or printed, in Kraft or white form.

Our team of graphic designers, structural designers, and experienced salespeople are imperative to the creation of a marketable, secure and economic packaging solution for your product. The creation of custom edge protectors can help any business with a more attractive, secure and cost-effective package for their products. Our years of experience will guarantee the best choice for your specific needs.


Benefits of Working With Brown Packaging On Your Custom Corner Board Packaging

  • We will do all the legwork of analyzing, designing and producing the perfect corner board to ensure the safety of your product at an economical price
  • Your product will be shipped and protected with our edge protectors while ensuring its cost-effectiveness