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Custom Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion, the gradual rusting or wearing down of metal, is an important problem for products made of metal and alloys during storage and transit. Corrosion occurs when moisture and temperature reach a level that begins an electrochemical process that can damage metal products. It is estimated that United States companies spend $300 billion dollars every year to combat corrosion. Brown Packaging understands that battling corrosion is not straightforward nor easy; most importantly, we understand how imperative corrosion management is to our partners.



Protecting Your Products

With our experience and resources, we have the corrosion prevention supplies to offer solutions for your packaging needs. Through the use of VCI’s (volatile corrosion inhibitors), we can provide the packaging necessary to avoid product corrosion during transit. Our rust preventative liquids and diffusers can help prevent problems, and our rust removers can help fix those that already exist.


Rust inhibiting films, paper and packaging products can provide the corrosion management necessary for your products. We have the experience with hundreds of kinds of products that give us the confidence that we can find the most cost-effective solution for your product, no matter what it is.


Corrosion is a real danger for many of the products that our partners ship everyday, and we are happy to offer the experience and resources to help them ship safely, securely, and economically. We have corrosion prevention supplies in the form of bags, pouches, covers, blankets, liners, tubing, and many other various packaging solutions to prevent the moisture and temperature from destroying your product.


Benefits of Working With Brown Packaging On Your Corrosion Prevention Products

  • Corrosion prevention is imperative for many storing and shipping needs that our partners have
  • We will provide you with the most reliable, economical and secure solutions for both corrosion prevention and corrosion removal
  • Your product will be shipped and stored economically, efficiently, and safely without rusting