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Custom Printed Boxes

95% of products are shipped in corrugated or cardboard shipping boxes and Brown Packaging takes pride in offering a full selection of custom packaging boxes along with the experience and skill to work with our partners to provide them the best choice for the job. We are happy to offer our custom designs for any corrugated box from very small RSC to large custom printed boxes. We have the experience and resources necessary to help you make the best choices for your product to ensure its safety, marketability, and cost-effectiveness. We are a Southern California based corrugated box supplier with over 30 years of experience in wholesale custom packaging and custom corrugated boxes.


Most Important Functions of Custom Printed Boxes

ProtectionThe best corrugated boxes are performance rated by ASTM International's Standards for their most important function—protecting the product inside— and are based on ISTA requirements. Custom product boxes and custom design shipping boxes can be created specifically with your product in mind, to ensure safety & reliability. Different flute styles and board tests in Mullen or ECT (Edge Crush Test) will provide the selection to choose the best fit for your product's requirement.

BrandingThe way your product arrives, and how it is shipped is an extension of your company and brand; and because of this, we work directly with design and marketing teams to ensure your custom printed product boxes are an accurate and exemplary reflection of the quality and value of your brand. Custom printed boxes are the easiest way to improve marketing efforts & branding out-reach!

Cost EffectivenessYour corrugated boxes should maximize your cost effectiveness—firstly, by being competitively priced, and secondly, by optimally utilizing the space within the box to make the cost of shipping optimized. Custom size packaging boxes can help you increase efficiency in storage, palletization, and even retail space.

Custom fragile corrugated boxes Custom two side printed RSC box


Common Customized Box Types

At Brown Packaging, we've developed custom boxes in nearly every industry for nearly every purpose - whether it's a custom printed box or a custom shipping box. Our most common box types are listed here:

RSC Boxes (Regular Slotted Container): Regular slotted container boxes have a strong and versatile construction, making them ideal for a great variety of shipping and packaging needs. RSCs can be the perfect customized packaging for your needs. A custom shipping box can help improve your branding, secure your product, and maximize palletization.
HSC Boxes (Half Slotted Container): An HSC corrugated box is also called a half slotted carton, and is similar to an RSC box with the exception of top flaps. Size and application vary from bin box alternative to Gaylord boxes. Custom box manufacturers can easily make a custom HSC style box for you when an open-top container is desired. A great corrugated box with lid option.
Telescopic Boxes: Telescopic boxes consist of two pieces that fold into one complete box—most well known as ‘shoeboxes’. Due to its overlapping construction, this style boxes provide extra protection for the product inside, making a great custom shipping box.

Mailer Boxes: Mailer Boxes are one piece of cardboard, expertly assembled by our engineers to fold into itself, sealing completely. Mailer boxes are incredibly sturdy and do not use excess materials such as tape or glue. Some common Mailer box styles are OPF (One Piece Folder), VDF (Vari depth Folder) and variations of Indestructo Mailers, RETT (Roll End Tuck Top Mailers) or TTM (Tuck Top Mailers) including dust flaps and cherry locks. Along with RSCs, these mailer boxes can be the perfect shipping box solution you've been looking for. Custom shipping boxes can boost brand recognition, increase repeat ordering, and fix packaging issues.

Five Panel Folders (FPF): Five Panel Folders are one piece boxes with an overlapping top and overlapping end panels. Generally they are used to accommodate long products.

Bin Boxes: Bin boxes are mainly used for storage of small items on shelves. They are open top style and designed as self-locking.

Any and all custom die cut boxes—available for custom and specific uses. Some other examples of corrugated boxes are bulk boxes such as Gaylord boxes, record storage boxes, garment boxes and printer boxes. Further information regarding corrugated boxes can be found here. Customized packaging can elevate your sales, boost your brand, and fix supply chain problems. Customized boxes can be the difference between you and your competitor.

Custom corrugated boxes with inserts   Custom printed full seal end overlap boxes


Material Used in Corrugated Boxes

Several board types are available in single wall, double wall, and triple wall. These boards fulfill the requirement for Mullen test (or "bursting test") including: 125#, 150#, 175#, 200#, 275#, 350#, 500# and 600# as well as ECT tests such as 29 ECT, 32 ECT, 44 ECT, 48 ECT, and 51 ECT. Triple wall can be manufactured as 800# or 1100# based on application requirements.

Corrugated box manufacturers have the ability use flutes include C-Flute, B-Flute, A-Flute, E-Flute, F-Flute, and N-Flute. These boards are available in kraft color, #3 White or #1 White.



Printing is an important function for corrugated boxes on branding and retail applications. Available printing options on a custom printed box include:

  • Flexo print up to 7 colors (direct print)
  • Laminated with litho label
  • Single face with top sheet laminated (single face litho laminated)
  • Digital printing, including short-runs & prototypes with our in-house design center


Printed corrugated regular slot container (RSC) boxTwo side printed shipping box


Benefits of working with Brown Packaging for Custom Printed Corrugated Packaging Boxes

  • Our team of graphic designers, structural designers, and experienced salespeople are imperative to the creation of a marketable, secure and economic printed corrugated box solution for your product. The creation of custom corrugated boxes can help any business with a more attractive, secure and cost-effective package for their products
  • We will do all the legwork of analyzing, designing, and producing the perfect custom corrugated box to ensure the safety of your product at an economical price. If you're looking for custom shipping boxes at a wholesale level, it's imperative to work with corrugated box manufacturers that you trust. We've been the go-to source for custom packaging in the Los Angeles & Orange County areas for over 30 years
  • Right board test, flute size, and printing options will be chosen based on the requirements of your application while ensuring its cost effectiveness - whether you are in need a custom printed box or a perfectly sized plain shipping box


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