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Custom ESD

Electro Static Discharge, or ESD, is a great concern for our partners that produce and ship electronic devices. ESD can damage electronic equipment beyond repair through electronic discharge without any visible damage. When static control is required, Brown Packaging provides ESD production supplies combined with years of experience to find a solution to your ESD problem.

We understand that protection from such dangers is imperative for many of our partners, so we are happy to offer ESD packaging materials for all packaging products including corrugated, chipboard, foam, papers, labels, and barrier bags. We understand the importance of using static shielding bags in shipping specialized electronic products, and we'll help you find the perfect one for your needs! With our years of expertise and resources, we can take electronic products from start to finish with our anti-static discharge packaging solutions.


Protecting Your Products

The hidden dangers of electro static discharge are invisible and costly, but many partners may not have the resources or knowledge to create a cost-efficient plan to package and ship electronic products. Brown Packaging’s experienced team is happy to provide an easy solution by allowing us to take charge of the entire process of packaging your product and ensuring its safe delivery.

Brown Packaging has experience with a complete range of ESD packaging material, and our staff can conduct an analysis of your product line to ensure that you are presented with the most economic and reliable ESD protection. If we don’t already have the exact solutions you require, we will custom build it specifically for your product line. Our knowledgeable staff will do all the legwork of research, testing, producing and prototyping a solution to your ESD packaging problems.


Benefits of Working With Brown Packaging To Provide Custom ESD Protection Products

  • Electro Static Discharge is a great danger for electronic shipping because of its lack of visible danger, and ESD control is imperative for transit
  • We will provide you with the most reliable, economical and secure solutions by taking charge of the analysis, design and production of your ESD packaging solutions
  • Your electronic devices will be shipped economically, efficiently, and safely