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Custom Rigid Boxes

A rigid box (also known as a set-up box) is an outstanding package for products that require extra care & a high-end look. Rigid boxes are similar in style to folding cartons, but they are often made of thicker material and do not have the ability to collapse. As a result, set-up boxes are a great option for holding delicate products such as perfumes, health & beauty products, or medical devices such as the Quadrabloc which we showcased on our Packaging Design Center case study area.


Most Important Functions

Protection: Due to the material used to make rigid boxes, as well as unique un-collapsable style, they are amongst the strongest chipboard box options for delicate products. The most fragile products that require a high-end look will find their home in a set-up box that will keep it safe & showcase impressive branding.

BrandingThe way your product arrives, and how it is shipped is an extension of your company and brand; and because of this, we work directly with design and marketing teams to ensure your custom rigid box is an accurate and exemplary reflection of the quality and value of your brand.

Cost EffectivenessDespite the fact that rigid boxes are more expensive than regular shipping boxes or folding cartons, they do not have to be damaging to your budget. We have the capacity to run short runs & production runs of a range of rigid box options that can fit in your product's cost profile.

custom wine box 


Common Customization

Custom rigid boxes (or set-up boxes) are known for their high-end look & unique branding capabilites. While we create a strong & durable box for your product, you also have the options to add in flair to stand out from your competion:

Lids & Hinges: Rigid boxes have the capacity to have unique openings which can include lids and hinges, making a stand-out box that will beat your competition's regular boring openings.

Beautiful Printing Surface: Due to the material used in the creation of rigid boxes, print is done on a bright paperboard that will help your branding & artwork shine! With the ability to add full color profiles, as well as unique features like embossing, debossing, gloss, UV spot gloss, and more, your branding opportunities are unlimited.

Magnets/Magnetic Closure: Rigid boxes can be embedded with a magnetic opening and closing functionality, to create a smooth and stylish customer experience.

Windows: Due to the sturdy nature of the set-up box material & style, windows to peer into the box to see the product is a great option to add to the box's appeal.

Any and all custom requests — We work with manufacturers from all different specialities, to be able to get you any vision you have in your mind. Customized packaging can elevate your sales, boost your brand, and fix supply chain problems - and nothing can do it quite like a beautiful rigid box. A cusotmized rigid box might be the difference between you and your competition, and we'd love to help you win!




Printing is an important function for rigid boxes on branding and retail applications. Available printing options are:

  • Flexo print up to 7 colors (direct print)
  • Laminated with litho label
  • Digital printing, including short-runs & prototypes with our in-house design center



Benefits of working with Brown Packaging for Custom Rigid Boxes

  • A beautiful rigid box will help protect your product like no other, while also helping you stand out from your competition - and we're here to help you find the perfect style for you & your unique product
  • We will do all the legwork of analyzing, designing, and producing the perfect custom rigid box to ensure the safety of your product while impressing your customers