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Custom Tapes

Brown Packaging provides businesses with a variety of custom tape options to better secure, store, ship, and display their products. Let us know about your product and packaging needs as we can recommend the best tape for durability, strength, sustainability and more.


Custom Tape Products

Whether you are looking to build brand awareness or to promote a safe work environment, we can provide you with the right custom tape. Tapes we have available include, but are not limited to:

Printed Packaging Tape (BOPP)
Polypropylene clear tape is the most popular tape, it is cost efficient to make and can be printed with multiple inks. They can come with acrylic or hot melt adhesive.

Paper Tape (Kraft)
Paper tape is water activated and can be with or without reinforcement. Reinforced tape is strengthened with fiberglass threads (improves security and strength of package) and are available in tan or white colors. This is created with a water activated adhesive, which enables it to easily bond to cardboard or dusty surfaces. Non-reinforced paper tape is recyclable and eco-friendly.

PVC Tape
PVC tape is created with premium quality material. It can be printed with multiple inks with a flat finish. It is also easy to tear and makes little noise when pulling it off the roll.

Other Tapes: masking, filament, flat back, freezer, and more.




Tape Features & Customization


We can provide you a variety of custom tape options and features to better help you achieve your business goals.


Custom Sizes & Color Options
We can create the ideal length and width for your tape. In addition, we can provide you a variety of ink colored options.
All tapes that we provide can be printed up to 3 colors. We can print your tape with your desired content to help you fulfill your branding goals, product identification, special instructions, or other goals.

Strength & Durability Options
Protect and secure your products with the right level of thickness.
Economical To High End Solutions Available
We can offer basic to complex and high end options depending on your budget. Hand and machine applications available.
Sustainability & Environmentally Friendly
Sustainability packaging solutions are available.





Why Choose Brown Packaging As Your Custom Tape Supplier?


At Brown Packaging, we have all the capabilities and resources of a large packaging supplier, while maintaining the flexibility and high level customer service of a small business. We will offer you these packaging solutions with a consultative approach.


Variety and Selection
Many of our customers want to find the right packaging for their product. With our capabilities we are able to walk you through a wide range of product options based on your product’s needs.
Concept to Completion
We provide our customers with peace of mind, by partnering with you through the entire packaging process. This enables us to streamline the packaging process while getting your package retail or consumer ready.
Quick Turn Around Time
We understand that many businesses need their packaging yesterday. As a result, we have partnered with numerous vendors across the United States to streamline production delivery times. This enables us to give you the fastest product delivery time possible.




Interested In Custom Tape?


Brown Packaging serves medium to large companies throughout the United States with packaging solutions. If you are interested in packaging solutions, then contact us today.

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