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Custom Tapes

Brown Packaging offers a variety of custom tapes for our partners who require specialized tapes for their packaging problems. Our selection of acrylic, hot melt or natural rubber adhesive tapes offers you the options necessary to make the best choice for taping your packages for ideal storage, shipping or displaying purposes. We have the experience and resources necessary to help you make the best choices for your product to ensure its protection, marketability, and cost-effectiveness.

What We Can Offer

Our tapes are available in Polypropylene (BOPP), PVC, polyester and many other plastic or wateractivated paper materials for hand or machine rolls. No matter what print you require, whether random or registered, our experienced team can help you provide the custom tape specialized to your needs.


We have a variety of pre-printed tapes such as “Stop…”, “Warning…”, and security tapes available to offer easy answers to your packaging needs. The creation of custom tapes can help any business offer a more attractive, secure and cost-effective product packaging tape. Allow our skilled and dedicated team to use our years of experience to guarantee the best choice for your specific taping needs.


Benefits of Working With Brown Packaging For Your Custom Tapes

  • Tapes are multi-purpose products that often require a personalized touch that we are happy to offer
  • The tape we work together to design will ensure your products are shipped, stored, displayed, or protected economically while ensuring to achieve the marketability you are looking for in a very cost-effective way as a replacement or addition to printed boxes
  • We offer a variety of pre-printed tapes such as security tapes, and we can offer the creation of any other printed tapes you may require