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Environment Friendly Solutions

Brown Packaging is proud to be an active participant in all efforts of leaving a greener world to next generations. Whether you are interested in sustainability initiatives for your customers or simply to help our planet, Brown Packaging will be eager to help you “reduce, reuse and recycle”.


Our sales team has continuous training in sustainable packaging, and we can help you in every step of reducing your ecological footprint. With years of expertise and the desire to help our environment, we are excited to enable you to make better choices. More than just a list of products, we can offer the expertise and passion to impact your business quality, durability, and costs while employing your green initiative.


Our Commitment

Our partnership with recycling plants and manufacturers allow us to bring the most efficient ways of recycling packaging supplies and production. Our experienced salespeople can help you with every stage of packaging sustainability:

-        Reduce: our experienced team can optimize your packaging process to lower your environmental influence. You will not only benefit from an environmental perspective, but also with cost savings as well as possible tax breaks.

-        Reuse: reusable products are efficient, cost saving, and environmentally friendly. We can help you eliminate waste and reduce your costs with durable and reusable products.

-        Recycle: Recycled packaging supplies are always in high-demand in packaging, and we can expertly help you implement a program that emphasizes recyclable material.


Let our experienced and passionate sales team work to help you become a sustainable company. Together, we can work towards leaving our planet a greener world to next generations.