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Industrial Product Manufacturing

At Brown Packaging, we have provided industrial businesses with stock and custom packaging supplies and services for over 30 years. With our help, you can address all of your packaging needs with peace of mind, as our experts are with you from concept to completion. 

We serve all industrial businesses including: furniture, appliances, auto-parts, aerospace and defense, hardware, construction, and more.


Stock Packaging & Warehouse Supplies

If you are looking for cost effective and stock options, then checkout our huge selection of packaging and warehousing supplies such as: boxes, pallets, tapes, tubes, mailers, foam, and more. Visit our stock products page to learn more.



Custom Industrial Packaging

If you are looking for a more custom approach to your packaging, then we offer a wide selection of customizable options and features to address all of your packaging needs. Here are the most popular custom packaging products that we offer, but are not limited to:

Corrugated Packaging
We can help industrial businesses get the precise size and shape of their boxes with our structural design team. Let’s improve the storage, shipping, handling, protection, and safety of your product. In addition, to our branding (Logo, colors, and company name) and print options.

Shipping Boxes
Improve the efficiency and protection of your shipping boxes with customized features, special materials, and more.

Get foam that is designed and custom made to protect your products. Whether you need end-caps, inserts, foam cavities, or cushioning we can improve the way your product is promoted, protected, and displayed.

Other Custom Products: bags, pouches, blister packs, clamshells, shipping tubes, v-boards, mailers, tapes, ESD packaging, labels, rigid boxes, partitions, inserts, and more.



Industrial Packaging Services


Receive one on one consultation from concept to completion with our project specialist, so you can make the best and informed decisions for your product’s needs. Here are the services we offer tailored to the industrial businesses.

Structural Design
We work with our clients in creating an optimal package for their products. Meet regulations, improve storage efficiency, shipping and handling, product protection, and more with our structural design services.

Prototypes & Samples
Before you make the investment to commercialize your product’s package, we can help you create a prototype. Visually examine and test your product before making a final decision.

We set our clients up with success by testing to see if their products and packaging are ready to be commercialized. Our testing include: drop, vibration, compression, water, and thermal.

We get your products ready for the end users by assembly, kitting, and fulfillment. Our services include: in-bound and out-bound freight, database management, warehousing, assembly, fulfillment and least cost shipping alternatives.




Why Choose Brown Packaging As Your Industrial Packaging Supplier?


At Brown Packaging, we have all the capabilities and resources of a large packaging supplier, while maintaining the flexibility and high level customer service of a small business. We will offer you these packaging solutions with a consultative approach.


Variety and Selection
Many of our customers want to find the right packaging for their product. With our capabilities we are able to walk you through a wide range of product options based on your product’s needs.
Concept to Completion
We provide our customers with peace of mind, we partner with you through the entire packaging process, which enables us to streamline the packaging process while getting your package commercial ready.
Compliant Ready
Whatever industry you operate there are always certain regulations whether it’s packaging safety, shipping and handling, or some other requirements/law that need to be met. We partner with you in trouble-shooting any of these issues, so you do not have to worry about not meeting deadlines or being compliant.
One Stop Packaging Solutions
At Brown Packaging, we offer a wide range of packaging solutions and services tailored to the industrial businesses. As a result, we can address all of your packaging needs.


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Interested In Industrial Packaging Solutions?


Brown Packaging serves medium to large companies throughout the United States with packaging solutions. If you are interested in packaging solutions, then contact us today.

Phone: (714) 300-0650 or Email: request@brownpackaging.com