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Product & Material Testing

Brown Packaging is committed to providing our partners with the full arsenal of experience and resource we’ve amassed to help them create safe and secure products at the lowest price possible. We have worked with certification companies for years for testing various products and materials. With our experience, we can help your products obtain the shipping certifications necessary easily and efficiently, reducing your involvement and expediting your shipping process.


Our Invaluable Experience

Although we have experience with a comprehensive amount of different testing procedures for products and materials, the most common trials we can help you work with include:

  • Drop Testing: The test simulates actual dangers by dropping the package and the product in it freely against a rigid surface from various predetermined heights. By altering the height or rotating the package, the drop test can simulate many shipping dangers.
  • Vibration Testing: In any shipping method, there are bound to be vibrations that may disrupt certain packages and products. These vibrations are simulated and applied to your package in order to determine if the package and its contents could withstand transportation vibration danger.
  • Compression/Stacking Testing: Due to how shipping transportation is organized, it is possible that your package may become compressed if stacked upon. This test will simulate these dangers, and can be used to determine the performance of your packaging to protect its content from heavy compression.
  • Water-spray Testing: This test simulates the application of water sprayed at a constant temperature, speed and time to see whether the package would survive possible water damage in transportation.
  • Thermal Testing: Shipping methods will offer a variety of unusual temperature changes and dangers that can damage your package and product. A thermal test will simulate these possibilities to ensure that your package will remain intact if exposed to different temperature hazards.


Let us take the worry off your hands…

Regardless of your testing needs, we have a variety of experience and resources to help you run both material and product tests to reduce many of the risks of shipping important items. We understand that our partners need a variety of testing for their products and packaging styles. Our years of experience and variety of resources can help you test your products or materials in a cost-effective manner. The importance of these certifications - as well as the knowledge that your products will ship safely - makes our product and material testing service invaluable for concerned partners. Let us help you get your business running error-free by delegating your testing responsibilities to our trained staff.