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Structural Design & Prototype

Brown Packaging understands the complications presented by producing a variety of different products. With years of experience, we understand the dangers that products must be protected against, and the most effective ways of finding solutions to these problems. Our experienced and skilled staff can help you with structural design advice to protect your product during shipping, display it most efficiently on retail shelves, and ensure that it reaches the end user safely.


The Importance of Structural Design

The shipping of products is a complicated and strenuous process that requires resources and expertise to ensure cost-effectiveness. Our structural design team has years of experience that can help you package your products in a manner that will ensure a safe transportation with minimal cost. Structural design is an integral part of protecting your products during shipping, and we want to help you work efficiently and economically.


With our years of expertise, we understand that design is a vital tool in any form of packaging and want to work with you to make them as marketable as possible while maintaining the structural strength and security. Working with you, we can provide you with structural design prototypes, based upon your vision, which can improve your products marketability while staying cost-effective. Our team has all the resources available to help provide you with this vital service.


Working Together

Let our team’s experience and resources work in your favor by allowing us to plan your structural design as well as graphic design from start to finish, so that your product reaches the end user safely and economically while emphasizing marketability.


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